6 Best Home Improvements For Plumbing

Never work on a water heater, or garbage disposal Gordontheplumber.com Naperville Illinois Dupage County with the power connected. Protect your eyes when cutting into things. There is always the risk of things flying at your face and when you are wearing protective goggles you can pretty much eliminate the risk of eye damage. Loud noise can cause damage. Things like power saws and other equipment can become loud and ear damage can occur without you even noticing. Wearing ear plugs can help protect your hearing. You are sure to run into some type of dust and/or chemical fumes when doing plumbing work. If chemicals are being used, a respirator is something you want to consider wearing. Basic mask would be fine if it’s just for dust.


All WaterSense-labeled faucet models feature maximum flow rates of 1.5 gallons per minute (gpm), compared to the 2.2-2.5 gpm of standard models. In this article, we discuss the best of the best; high-efficiency faucets you can install to lower water consumption at the most affordable investment cost. But first, we’ll talk about your options. Most Popular Types of Water Efficient Faucets Currently, one of the most popular styles due to its convenience, the pull down faucet features a goose neck design where you can pull out the spout’s snaked hose. It offers a great deal of accessibility to corners and reaching into pots when the pile of dishes gets too high. Along with being pretty fashionable, it’s also best fitted to the deeper sinks that are popular in more modern kitchen designs. For more hollow, smaller sinks, the pull-out faucet allows you to detach the faucet’s head entirely. You still get the reach of the pull-down with the snaked hose, but you have more maneuverability with this design. Basically, you can control the stream of the shower, offering much less splashback. There’s a pretty wide variety of designs for this faucet as well. Perhaps the most common faucet style, it consists of a basic tap with a handle on a ball joint that you push up and down.


I don’t think we’ll ever know and I wasn’t about to ask. Having past the written test we were all eligible to register for the practical test preparation classes which I believe were to begin February 1978. The practical portion of the test at that time required you to wipe lead joints, an art form that had been slowly fazed out over the years as the as hubless cast iron and copper water tubing were becoming the new accepted materials of our plumbing code. So why make us wipe lead joints for the Master Plumbers Exam/Practical Test? That’s a great question and my only answer at the time was to eliminate as many candidates as possible because lead wiping is an art that takes many many hours to master. Good thing because at the time you were given three cracks at taking the practical test before having to go back and retake the written test all over again! I struggled for about three months to discover my technique, it was very discouraging, to say the least, and then in May things started to click and I was able to finally go thru the entire test uninterrupted. The test was comprised of many parts and the total time allotted to complete was three hours including the plan reading which you had to pass before you could proceed with the actual practical part of the test. We had to wipe one 4″ vertical joint, one 1 1/2″ horizontal joint, solder a brass floor flange onto a 4″ lead stub piece with a soldering iron and take that whole assembled piece and caulk it into a horizontal 4″ cast iron eight bends (45 degree) fitting using oakum and molten lead. Not easy, very stressful, but that was the deal if you wanted a shot at your license. Master Plumbers Practical Test Piece alternate view.


Optimizing your website should be a no brainer when it comes to your SEO strategy. However sometimes a website get created or redesigned without any thought of SEO. Then businesses are stuck trying to backtrack and get their site optimized. When designing or redesigning a website, incorporate SEO into the design from the beginning. This saves time, and ensures that there are no misfires. One thing remains certain when it comes to search engines, and that is updates to the algorithms. While most of the time it is just a simple tweak to the algorithm, other times it could be a major overhaul. Being prepared for these updates and ready to embrace the changes is important in order to stay on top of your SEO strategy, because one thing’s for certain, and that is you cannot hide from updates. You can either grow with the updates or allow them to decimate your search ranking.


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